Links we recommend

 Reasonable Faith
A tremendous resource provided by Dr William Lane Craig.  In-depth articles and debates on the evidence for Christianity, dealing with the areas of Cosmology, Evolutionary Biology, Physics, History, and Theology.  A must for sceptics, seekers and believers.  


T. Austin - Sparks
T. Austin - Sparks' ministry was based in London from 1926 to his death in 1971, and continues to impact people from almost every nation on earth.  He founded the Honour Oak Christian Fellowship in a London neighbourhood where all Christians, regardless of denominational affiliation, could come and receive spiritual food to strengthen their Christian life.  
This website provides transcripts and audio downloads of many of his sermons and teachings. 


Oswald Chambers
Online version of an absolutely classic series of short daily readings  by Scottish preacher Oswald Chambers.  Highly recommended  for any Christian who wants to walk more closely with Jesus. 


Bible Gateway
Find virtually any translation of the Bible in any language, on a site which is easy to navigate.