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How to Know God



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Welcome to the Well

We are a local Christian church based in Shrewsbury, England.  

You can find us at 3A The Square, Shrewsbury Town Centre (entrance to the left of Holland and Barrett.)


Everyone Welcome

Whatever your beliefs may be, we warmly invite you to one of our meetings, discussion groups, or for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee. 



Sundays 10:30 am Main Meeting
Thursdays 7:30pm Bible Study 
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 noon - 1:30pm Open House
(Free Coffee and Informal Chat.  Feel free to bring your lunch!)
To arrange to visit us at other times, please call us on 01743-249804 or visit our Get In Touch page.  We hope to see you soon!


Taking The Time

To know about a subject in detail it’s necessary to study. If you have a passion or an interest you’ll need to read, be instructed and mentored, and be willing to continue to learn, so you can stay on top of developments.  This is what everyone has to do in life. From a schoolchild being taught the basics, to a senior student studying for exams, to an adult learning new skills as they change jobs.

It’s no different with spiritual things.  If we want to know whether God exists, and if so, who he is, we need to be willing to take the time to seek, ask questions,  and learn.    To do anything else means that, like many other subjects, we only get a misguided and self-prejudiced view.

So, we invite you to attend our meetings with an open heart and mind. Here you’ll find out about who God is and what it means to be a Christian; and why we all need to become Christians. We welcome you to come and ask questions, and we’re happy and willing to teach, guide and mentor you with patience and understanding.